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Rod Wayne Comedy Magician and Illusionist

Rod Wayne Comedy Magician and Illusionist

Mind Power

Imagine you are sitting at a table with seven of the most influential thinkers ever to have lived such as Einstein, Dali, etc.  You are asking for their advice on subjects such as health, family,  philosophy, finance, and even business.  You have a board of council to help guide you through this life.  Imagine being able to meet with them whenever you want.  Sounds like something out of a dream and it is, but just because I say that it’s something out of a dream, doesn’t make it impossible.  
    Have you ever started thinking of a friend you have not seen in years, then suddenly out of nowhere the phone rings and it is them on the other line?   Most people I have met with over the past decade in my research have answered yes to that question.  I believe that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.  We are all connected somehow through our thoughts and actions.  It is not to say that voodoo and such shamanistic practices are my beliefs, I have personally been sitting in the mall and noticed someone walking away from me and after only a few seconds of staring at the back of their head, they turn and look to see who is watching them.  Try it, but I urge youto be polite and respectful.    
    Not only do I believe that we can notice or feel others thinking about us, I feel that we can positively effect others with our positive thoughts about them.  This is magic.  
My purpose of telling you this is to give you an insight into why dreams are so important to have.  Your dreams are not just for you, they are influential on others around you.  You can make a positive or negative influences on so many people and so many things in the universe by being aware of your thoughts and dreams.  I have had many teachers in my life that have all loved me and guided me in the direction they thought was the best for my energy to flow.  
    I am now writing this prayer to you knowing that you will soon be ready to hear my words and give up all your negative thoughts and forgive yourself for those things that you have done to sabotage yourself and your growth.  You are not your thoughts and you cannot help your thoughts from becoming real.  Relax and be confident in the knowledge that everyone is controlled by a power far greater than your own.  We are all connected and our worlds are ordered by our thoughts and beliefs.  
    You see nothing negative in those around you.  You know that as you help others, you help yourself.  It is impossible to fail when you know that others are benefiting from your actions.  You must learn how to turn over your destiny to the omnipotent hand of the greater power, whomever or whatever that may be for you.  There is a plan for you and as soon as you give yourself up to these rules and open your mind and heart, you will be filled with the power of ultimate guidance and then you will learn much more than I can teach in a book.  When you find this place of peace, ask a question, then ponder and wait for the answer.  You are a part of the process to answer the questions you ask.  The answer comes with the question.  The goal is in sight with your desires.  Your answers will move you to your desires.  Reject all that is negative and accept only positive.  You are loved by so many who you are connected to.  You know that you are guided and you do not have to seek out.  Now you are alone and you are comfortable with the fact that you are not your past, not your future, not your body, and not your thoughts.  You simply are.  You have acceptance of these things and just as a spectator you watch your thoughts come and go.  You understand that whatever you chose is yours and that which you reject will never touch you.  You are in the presence of great leaders, clear truth,  pure beauty, peaceful justice, compassionate love.  It lives within you.  You have found service to create ultimate happiness and joy.  
    My world is overflowing with creativity and prosperity.  A mighty truth is at the center of my life.  All things are possible.  One step at a time.  I surrender my will to the divine will.  I am free from my past.  I am in this time an artist and studying to be greater in all areas of spirituality.  To be born to grow and die does not hold on to me.  I contain the knowledge of all things.  I have no limit to what my thoughts can achieve.  I am all things.  One.

In my Book Optimystical is give you what I have learned over the years from great teachers like Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, and through my study of NLP and coaching methods to achieve dreams. A set of steps you can take to ask yourself the right questions and challenge what you believe and change the settings of your sails to reach your biggest dreams and achieve.